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Added by Maxim Krušina about 16 years ago

Maybe I'm issue maniac, but what about this idea:

We have custom fields for Issues, Projects and Users. This is absolutelly great! This custom fields are used for information which is always usefull in almost each issue. But there are some special cases, when I need those custom fields only in few tickets in whole project. Adding these fields to whole project is not good idea, because users will be overhelmed with so much custom fields in each ticket and the ywill not use them.

My idea is to prepare "custom form" , which can be composed from "custom fields". This form can be saved with some name. What is it it exactly for? For example, when creating Flash banners, there is lot of informations I must enter, they are still same and I cannot forget one:
  • Width (int) px
  • Height (int) px
  • Flash version (select)
  • ClickThru variable
  • Max. filesize
  • Website to place on
  • Destination URL
  • Specs URL
  • Comments

We have very similar forms for print, design, etc. etc.

What do you think?

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RE: Custom forms - Added by Andy Lo-A-Foe almost 14 years ago


In the meantime we are attempting to achieve this by using the REST API and create a custom form in an external application. Anyone has experience with this?

RE: Custom forms - Added by Mariusz Mielnik almost 14 years ago

I agree with this idea. That will be very helpfully, for example when creating new task. I got the same "problem", different task order for different work type. Resolution that can allow choose custom form prepared for special type of work will be a big big step forward.