Multiple Projects or one of them?

Added by rino saurio almost 5 years ago

Hello there,

We are using Redmine from time ago for task management. We have a setup with one project and lot of issues and tasks pending of it. We have been creating little projects inside. But this is a bit confusing, because we can not be able to see some individuals like grantt, calendar, wiki, etc... of the project.

Now, with the new projects, we are thinking on using it like project management, and we would like to adding individual projects.

The question is that we could have more than 1000 projects on few years.

Does it really good for using with multiple projects?

Is there any way to manage them? Or maybe is better to use subprojects pending on a big project?

I appreciate your help,

Thanks in advance,

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RE: Multiple Projects or one of them? - Added by herman gomez over 1 year ago

Why not creating sub-projects inside your only-one-big project?
Imagine them as phases or stages (named like that) and add your bug or issues as children of them.
Now that Redmine has Gantt charts it could be easy to see them aligned on time.
Set your filters at the level you need and take a look at your projects (now sub-projects!) based on time.

RE: Multiple Projects or one of them? - Added by Ivan Cenov over 1 year ago

You may have several big projects and then subprojects in each one of them. You may create several project hierarchies.

Also, when you finish a project you may close it and it will show in the lists of projects.

I think creating more projects will give you ways to filter issues and will increase manageability.

P.S. Wow, this thread is as old as three years....