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Added by Jérôme L over 6 years ago


I'm planning on installing Redmine at work. The feature list and the demo instance are promising!

Before doing so, there's one feature I'm still worried about.

I'd like to use project-wise mailing lists and I'm trying to figure out how I could integrate this to Redmine.

Basically, I'd like each project manager to be responsible for the members of his projet (add/remove members), and I don't want to have them deal with both Redmine project and mailing-list interfaces, and duplicate subscription tasks.

There could be at least one automatically generated mailing list with all the members of the project. I suppose there are a few parameters that should be project-dependent, like who may write to the list (any / only members / only subgroup).

Ideally but not mandatory, a project manager could create sub-project lists with different parameters and a subset of members.

AFAIU, this does not exist in the trunk.

I see mailing lists as a basic collaborative work tool, so I'm wondering. Is there something in Redmine that makes mailing lists unnecessary? Like forums? I doubt it, since Redmine project uses mailing lists as well...

During my search, I stumbled upon this discussion : Email interface to Forums / Mailing Lists?

or this feature request

but none leads to some integrated feature.

There is a plugin called mailing list integration but the doc doesn't say much about it and I don't see it referenced in the Plugin Directory.

The Plugin Directory references an apparently unmaintained Sympa plugin.

Thinking about Mailman integration, I found Mailman-API (packaged in debian) which provides (still basic) integration hooks to a Mailman server. It could be used by a Mailman plugin to Redmine.

Any thoughts, anyone? Am I missing something obvious? I don't want to go through the pain of configuring and maintaining a complicated solution if there is a typical Redmine workflow that achieves the same goals.


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RE: Mailing list integration - Added by Jérôme L over 6 years ago

Regarding Mailman-API, I'm realizing that Mailman 3 is now out, and although quite young and not widely packaged yet, it should offer better connectivity AFAIU.