redmine performance

Added by Eduard Schmidt about 7 years ago

Hey and hello there,

I´m planning to set up redmine in my company and I came up with a few question about the performance of redmine.
We receive about 50 issues a day on 365 days. Will redmine work properly lets say after 5 years? Lets says the performance of the server wont be a problem.

Does anyone have experience with that?

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RE: redmine performance - Added by Jan from Planio about 7 years ago

Hi Eduard,

Redmine can be run with great performance in production. We're running very large installations with thousands of projects and tens of thousands of users, many of them for more than 5 years. If helps when your operations staff knows Ruby and Rails, but it's definitely possible to run Redmine at scale.

Btw. we're doing this for a living since 2009 should you be interested in finding a partner to host Redmine for you: