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Added by Alastair Brian almost 6 years ago

Hi, My name is Alastair Brian and I am a project manager at a software development company.

I want to manage the different tasks of my projects in a systematical way. One of my friend suggested me the Redmine.

Here I want that each of my developer should be informed about the activity on a project when a message will be sent to only a single developer. Can redmine give such functionality?

For reference, my website address is


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RE: New to Redmine - Added by Zeo Hxy almost 6 years ago

good question. i have the same problem.

RE: New to Redmine - Added by Mark Wintch over 5 years ago

Yes, I believe Redmine has the functionality that you are looking for in this respect. You would first need to configure email in the application and then under my account your developer could select the requested options.