Changer le port de Redmine

Added by mor diop almost 6 years ago

Bonjour. Je traille sur Debian et je voulais changer le port utiliser par Redmine quand je lance "rails s" (port utilisé 3000). Moi je voulais utiliser le port 80.
Merci pour votre aide

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RE: Changer le port de Redmine - Added by Martin Denizet ( team member) almost 6 years ago

By default, rails s start Redmine with WEBRick, it is not recommended for production environments.
You can run rails s -p 80 to run WEBRick on port 80.
To setup a sturdy production environment, I suggest Apache2+Passenger is the easiest/most documented.
I wrote a tutorial some time back but some segments are not relevant anymore so I'm not linking it here, I will try to update it.