External links in redmine

Added by Nigan Khan 7 months ago

Hello everyone,,
I've been trying to get my redmine to use the external links correctly. Any time I use them to link to a website, they work fine. However, any time I try to link to a folder or a folder on a server I cannot get them to work for the life of me. I've tried name_link:file://server/folder1/folder2 which doesn't create a link. I've also tried using just file: and source: and I even tried to use the http: tag but to no avail. I've tried doing this in IE, Firefox and Chrome and so far nothing has worked.


Thanks peoples! :)

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RE: External links in redmine - Added by Ivan Cenov 7 months ago

It is normal not to be possible to do this. These files are outside the Redmine folder.
You may try to put files in //physical_path_to_redmine/public and access them via http://your_redmine_url/file_name