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Added by Chunyi Lu almost 5 years ago

Hi All,
I am sorry to ask this question but I can not find issue tracker type definition in redmine wiki.
Does anyone can help to give me the answer?

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RE: issue tracker type definition - Added by naman johnson101 almost 5 years ago


I'm taking over a management position at a small engineering company. Sixty people, most in production. I'm managing three engineers, two documenters, two draftsmen, and two IT guys. I have forty products in maintenance mode, a few new ones in development, and lots of process stuff to handle. To do lists and emails just aren't gonna cut it any more. I need some way of assigning tasks to my people, in a way they and I can easily keep track of. Short learning curve and low cost are priorities. Does anyone have suggestions?


RE: issue tracker type definition - Added by Dominik Ras almost 5 years ago

Chunyi Lu - you need Admin rights in your Redmine system, not only in your particular project. If you have those global admin rights, the you need to:
  1. Login to your Redmine
  2. From the top menu of the site open Administration
  3. Then click on Trackers

The type of issues that you show on your screenshot are actually called 'trackers' in Redmine world :)

RE: issue tracker type definition - Added by Dominik Ras almost 5 years ago

Hey naman johnson101, I can't believe I'm actually recommending this on a @Redmine_news forum, while being a huge fan of Redmine's superb capabilities, but I need to be honest with you. The easiest user interface of issue trackers these days is offered by @Trello and for your team count, the price should be reasonable.

However, out of the box, without expensive Power-ups, reporting might be lacking for you.

Reporting and massive capabilities to customize your assignment and workflows are offered in Redmine, but its interface is not the most intuitive for the 1st time users.

So instead of going for raw Redmine, you
could go with something like @EasyRedmine, @Planio or @Redmineup (they offer nicer user interfaces, but might be a bit more expensive, than hosting a Redmine instance on your own).

RE: issue tracker type definition - Added by Marat Aminov from RedmineUP over 1 year ago

Hi Everyone. Thank you Dominik for mentioning RedmineUP as dedicated Redmine hosting. I responsible for cloud platform at RedmineUP, and I can confirm that for small team it is better to subscribe for ready to use Redmine hosting rather than struggle with Redmine maintenance. So you can create free cloud account at RedmineUP and try to configure your workflow instead of spending your time on server configuration and looking for a Ruby developers.