Upgrade Redmine 3.2.0 to 4.1.0

Added by Eduardo HM almost 4 years ago

Hi to everyone,

I have in mind to update the version of redmine that I have on a server with Debian 9, exactly version 3.2 and pass it to the latest stable version, version 4.1.0.

I've been looking at the Redmine documentation for the upgrade process, and the first thing I encounter problems with is the requirements, since Redmine 3.2.0 uses versions of Ruby 2.0 and Rails version 4.2.5, while Redmine 4.1 already use other versions of Ruby and Rails, version 2.3 and version 5.2 respectively.

Since it is going to be on the same server where I have Redmine version 3.2, how do I comply with the requirements of the new version to which I want to update !?

Another option is to make a clean installation of Redmine 4.1.0 and export the database but I don't know if this is correct or not.

Best regards.

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RE: Upgrade Redmine 3.2.0 to 4.1.0 - Added by Jérôme BATAILLE almost 4 years ago


You can use rbenv to have different versions of ruby / rails :
+ rbenv Gemsets

RE: Upgrade Redmine 3.2.0 to 4.1.0 - Added by Ivan Cenov almost 4 years ago

I had the same task - to upgrade ruby and upgrade Redmine from 3.x to 4.x.

The main steps were

  1. Install new ruby & MSYS2
  2. Install some gems - bundler, myslq2
  3. create sql dump of the existing database (that is on the same machine)
  4. create new database (ex.: redmine4), create users and assign privileges like they are in the old database used by redmine 3.x.
  5. Import sql dump
  6. Unzip/unrar the Redmine 4.x archive in a separate folder different from the folder of Redmine 3.x.
  7. copy 'files' folder from Redmine 3.x to Redmine 4.x
  8. copy themes if you have additional themes from public\themes.
  9. For now, do not copy the additional plugins, if you are not sure they are compatible with redmine 4.x
  10. Confugure redmine 4.x (database.yml, configuration.yml) so as to use redmine4 database.
  11. Execute 'bundle install --without test development'. This will install all the needed gems and also rails framework.
  12. Execute database migration.
  13. execute other actions (clean cache etc)
  14. try to start Redmine using puma and not thin server.

If you have plugins, find versions that are compatible with Redmine 4.0 and install them (+migrating database).

I have written an instruction with the actions that I did and posted it here in the forums. Unfortunately I did not find it. It was a year ago.

Use above list with caution, because I may have omitted something important, I wrote it just now.

Ivan Cenov

RE: Upgrade Redmine 3.2.0 to 4.1.0 - Added by Mateusz Lasak about 2 years ago


I have instance with Redmine 3.3 and new clean instance redmine 4.2.

Is it possible to easily export an existing database from redmine 3 and import it to redmine 4 using a plugin?

Best Regards

RE: Upgrade Redmine 3.2.0 to 4.1.0 - Added by Jérôme BATAILLE about 2 years ago


I all your plugins are compatible with RM V4.2, it should be easy.
You have to upgrade ruby / rails if needed, and then pass the database migrations.