KB4549951 & KB4550945 error installing

Added by jacob frey over 3 years ago


I've been trying to install these two updates for a while. The two downloads are fine and the install goes (slowly) from 11% to 20% then jumps to 100% (for both updates).

Then after a period of time the update is unsuccessful with error code 0x800f0831.

I have been reading that these updates have been causing issues for installing but for those who have had similar issues and got them resolved? What did you do to fix this as it's been quite annoying on my end to figure out.

I have also tried downloading KB4550945 from the windows catalog but that has also failed to install.

I am tempted to leave my updates off for a week or two and try again after a while to see if that works.

Version is Windows 10 1909

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RE: KB4549951 & KB4550945 error installing - Added by Mischa The Evil over 3 years ago

This site is about the Redmine project management software. It seems you've hit the wrong site...