modifying redmine? -- just forum/wiki

Added by tom smith over 3 years ago


Looking for an "open source" app that pretty much just has forum/wiki functionality.

I'm trying to put together a quick/small app that I can use as a basic "idea" gathering app.

I want to have users access the site, see what the goal/site is about. This means I want to be able to modify the default/home page to have some "content" as well as a login/registration function.

At the same time, once users login/join, I want them to be able to have access to a forum/wiki/members section.

The wiki will have a couple of different content "files" that are displayed for the user to read/modify. I envision the site/wiki to have:
-Section explaining the high level/overview of the project
-Section providing the potential ideas for the project, Users will be able to add/delete/modify/comment on the ideas

As to the "Forum" part.
I want users to be able to post/comment on different thoughts/issues for the ideas in the "Wiki" area.

Members Part
The "Members" part allows the user to search/see the profile of the different users of the site. It might be useful to be able to modify the "Profile" schema.

I have no real need for Calendar/Issues/Etc.. So I'm going to look to strip some functions from Redmine.

Is the above reasonably doable???

Does anyone know of a different Open Source app that might be more suitable?

Any thoughts/comments?



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RE: modifying redmine? -- just forum/wiki - Added by Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles over 3 years ago

Hi Bruce,

What you are saying is easily parameterized by installing Redmine.