Osmocomm Beginner FAQ

Added by dav jah about 3 years ago

Hi I am new to Osmocomm and and very interested.
I have some questions about it; I want to find out because
I can see a lot of potential people interested and so I ask
partly for them to.

Apologies if these seem dumb questions or wrong idea etc.

How secure is Osmocomm against IMSI catchers and other hacking?

Does it have a relative security simply because it is unknown
and therefore not monitored?

Can I make free international calls with it?

Is there a beginners installation guide?

Can I trace my phone using the software, and request data
such as my phone contacts?

Can I use any SIM card? Can it run without one?

Can I receive internet via the network?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to install?
I'm not a newb on computers and can follow a guide...


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You've posted to the wrong site. This is the forum for the Redmine project-management and issue-tracking software. You should head over to