.issue.created_on / .journals.created_on is UTC datetime by default?

Added by Simone A almost 3 years ago


I am working at performance reporting (and I am new to Redmine), where measures and metrics are often dates differences (e.g.: max(journals[created_on])-issues[created_on]).

What I am not sure about is whether I am subtracting UTC datetime to UTC datetime, or UTC datetime to CET datetime, for example...

In particular, all the queries deal with issues[created_on] field and journals[created_on]. Are those 2 dates stored as UTC by default or is there some customization according to local user timezone?

Please consider just the base case where the company opens, changes and closes tickets by means of their redmine url website, with no use of api’s. Let’s say the ticket is created at 14:53 CET, then changes occur at 16:24 CET and 16:34 CET...
Those timestamps are stored in Redmine server as UTC or as CET?


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RE: .issue.created_on / .journals.created_on is UTC datetime by default? - Added by Lorenzo Meneghetti over 2 years ago

Hi, all rails applications, based on active record, store datetimes in DB as UTC.