Clarification on updating a issue.

Added by Vaibhav Sharma over 2 years ago

Hi All,

I want to update a particular issue but without using its id in the URL i.e instead of using[issue_id].xml for Put operation, I want to use some other URL and pass issue_id in the body like this-


Please let me know if this is possible. The above url is creating performance issue for me.

Vaibhav Sharma

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RE: Clarification on updating a issue. - Added by Holger Just about 2 years ago

To update an issue, you have to send a PUT request to /issues/[id].[format]. You can not send a request to /issues.[format] or /projects/[identifier]/issues.[format] as this endpoint is responsible to create a new issue only.

Updating an issue is usually rather fast in any case. Some things to keep in mind however are:

  • On older Redmine versions (i.e. Redmine < 4.0), email notifications are send as part of the request which might take some time. You can configure one of the async_ Options fir the delivery_method in your @configuration.yml in this case . See EmailConfiguration.
  • With large issue trees (i.e. many issues in a parent-child relation ship), updating attributes of parent and child issues might take some time. Generally, you should avoid large issues trees (with roughly more than 50 issues in a single tree) or disable attribute inheritance in your settings.