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Added by Merul Patel over 14 years ago

Apologies if this is a redundant question, but I couldn't find an answer elsewhere in the wiki or the forum.

I have a couple of sites with Redmine 0.8.0 being used with no issues so far, except that watchers don't get notified of an issue (and they can only be added after the issue has been created) unless it's been modified. I've updated one of the sites to 0.8.4 seamlessly (thank you for the hard work here) and this is no longer a problem.

However, there is no ability to search for issues by watcher, unlike that in trunk v2784.

Is there a schedule for a new stable release, and what version will it contain features up to? Alternatively, is trunk stable enough for production?

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RE: stable vs trunk - Added by Eddie Ringle over 14 years ago

I'm currently using the trunk build on my development site, and so far I have not encountered any issues. I would never consider a trunk stable enough for production, because you never know if you'll get a bad commit that breaks things.