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17:25 Redmine Patch #18983 (Closed): Allow filtering of Redmine Reminders by Version
We had a requirement to setup cron jobs that would notify users of issues assigned to them that were overdue or comin... Merul Patel


15:15 Redmine Help: Getting entire issue and history in email notifications
A lot of my colleagues work offline for extended periods, and it would be very useful if they were able...
Merul Patel


10:57 Redmine Open discussion: Status of Redmine and support for Rails 2.3.5 and Ruby 1.9.1
Thanks for the great app, and excuse me if this question has been covered before. Couldn't see any archived results.
Merul Patel


18:20 Redmine Open discussion: stable vs trunk
Apologies if this is a redundant question, but I couldn't find an answer elsewhere in the wiki or the forum.
I hav...
Merul Patel


17:54 Redmine Open discussion: Restricting SVN access
I've been running Redmine 0.8.0RC1 for a few months with no issues, and have setup SVN access over Apache.
I've se...
Merul Patel


13:29 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Single SVN Repository
Apologies, I've made a typo above.
When trying to access the repo over HTTPS above, I actually have to use:
Merul Patel
13:22 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Single SVN Repository
I've had no problems setting up with Apache2 when I have one SVN repo per Redmine project, but am having a... Merul Patel

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