Status of Redmine and support for Rails 2.3.5 and Ruby 1.9.1

Added by Merul Patel over 14 years ago

Thanks for the great app, and excuse me if this question has been covered before. Couldn't see any archived results.

I'm curious to know whether anyone has experience of deploying the current trunk with Rails 2.3.5 and Ruby 1.9.1, and also what the schedule is for support of Redmine.

I've managed to get the application up and running, but I've had to make some interesting hacks and I wondered whether anyone could suggest a better solution.

A patch is attached showing the changes I had to make, but the main steps I had to take were:

  1. I'm using Postgres, and so have used a patched version of the postgres gem to handle character encoding/conversion: . The patch was committed by the developers of the ruby-pg gem, but the main gem hasn't been updated for several months at present.
  2. I couldn't get LDAP authentication to work with ruby-net-ldap, so I'm using ruby-ldap instead and patched auth_source_ldap.rb. I had some initial issues with authenticating over SSL, but these were fixed by adding the CA certificate of the LDAP server to /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt on the Redmine host. The patch was originally submitted elsewhere on this forum (
  3. I tried setting the Encoding in the environment.rb but still faced multiple issues with basic issue editing and updating. I've had to make some inelegant hacks for this, hence my post to see if anyone knows a better solution. Unfortunately, the patches suggested here: don't work. I've resorted to forcing the encoding in multiple locations.
  4. There is a minor bug in the tabular_form_builder.rb which is easily patched.

There are also other issues with encoding and PDF generation, but I've not looked into those in detail.

Any comments/suggestions would be welcome.


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RE: Status of Redmine and support for Rails 2.3.5 and Ruby 1.9.1 - Added by Alexey Palazhchenko over 14 years ago

Actually, current trunk works well with Rails 2.3.5 on Ruby 1.8.
Thanks for info about Ruby 1.9.

RE: Status of Redmine and support for Rails 2.3.5 and Ruby 1.9.1 - Added by Andrew Chaika over 14 years ago

I have spent all yesterday to make work Ruby 1.9.1 with Rails 2.3.5 and Redmine. After all described patches WebRick is started successfully, and even has served some of my requests. It's very fast for the first sight.
But I have several errors with encodings, mostly when concatenate strings, Rails by default use ASCII_8BIT in templates, but database and input is in UTF_8, yaml parser/loader have same strange behavior (Settings in Redmine for example).