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Added by gabriel scolan about 16 years ago

Hi everyone,

is there some thoughts on adding to the repository browser features like :
- graphical view of revisions
- search a file in the repository (if you can't remember where it is ...)
I think this would be helpful, especially the second one.

many thanks


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RE: repository browser - Added by Anonymous about 16 years ago

I think they would be useful, but what I'd also like to see is a revision history for any folder. Currently we only get a revision history for the repository root (e.g. but not if you want to look at a branch or something (e.g. so I can see all the changes related to that branch.

I'm just looking to move our bug/wiki database from trac to redmine, and find trac's browser quite a bit more functional than redmine's so hopefully this is an area that can be improved in future releases of redmine.



RE: RE: repository browser - Added by Colan Schwartz about 16 years ago

I just created a ticket for the above-mentioned revision history issue over at #1311.