Email notification not works

Added by Ismael Paiva over 12 years ago

When I try to test email settings, occurs this error: "An error occurred while sending mail (No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. - connect(2))"

I see
but nothing works.

my email.yml:

delivery_method: :smtp
address: xxxx.xxxx
port: 25
authentication: :login
user_name: "user"
password: "password"

Ruby version 1.8.7 (i386-mingw32)
RubyGems version 1.3.5
Rack version 1.0
Rails version 2.3.5
Active Record version 2.3.5
Active Resource version 2.3.5
Action Mailer version 2.3.5
Active Support version 2.3.5
Application root C:/Ismael/Programas/Redmine/redmine-0.9.2
Environment production
Database adapter postgresql
Database schema version 20091227112908
Operating System Windows XP


Replies (2)

RE: Email notification not works - Added by Felix Schäfer over 12 years ago

Does your email.yml really look so flat? Does the distant server accept STMP connections, or might it need SSL? Please check with your network administrator if the SMTP configuration is correct.

RE: Email notification not works - Added by Eli Aschkenasy over 12 years ago

in addition, your smtp server might think that it is a spoofed email if it's coming from the same domain...