Help with Mylyn integration

Added by Anonymous over 14 years ago


I am ne to redmine, but not so new to Mylyn, and wanto to use the integration Mylyn have with redmine.
But i follow the HOWTO and i am getting this error when i try to make a query.

Could not fetch resource: http://<link para a url> PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Any help is welcome.

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RE: Help with Mylyn integration - Added by Thomas Lecavelier over 14 years ago

You have to accept the certificate before going further. Search how to do that with Java, since it's on the mylyn part.

RE: RE: Help with Mylyn integration - Added by Anthony Topper over 14 years ago

I would really like to see a full featured Mylyn connector for Redmine. I am messing around with using the Generic connector. While it's nice it seems to be lacking. I'd like to see notes I make locally sync to the history. I'd like to be able to log time by using the active task feature in Mylyn.