503 Error after Bitnami upgrade to 1.0.1

Added by Grégory Janiszewski about 12 years ago

Hello all,

I'm trying to upgrade from redmine-0.9.4 to 1.0.1 under bitnami redmine stack on windows xp.

I follow all redmine upgrade procedure and also bitnami upgrade procedure ([[http://bitnami.org/article/how-to-backup-and-update-the-bitnami-redmine-stack]]).

Now I can't get connection to the application...
I always get 503 connection error, "production.log" is totally empty.

I'm not so familiar with ruby application/installation, but upgrade from 0.8.x to 0.9.4 was done immediatly.

If someone has couple of ideas, I'm very interresting in!

Thank you for all the job was done! Really great application!


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