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11:25 Redmine Feature #13639: Adding information about date and time of last status change
In general, it could be interresting to get date of different event on issue :
* Date of last status change
* D...
Grégory Janiszewski


18:12 Redmine Feature #8991: Nested versions for projects with sub-projects
We have the same need.
Just to add a new point of view for this feature : We have "System" point of view, made...
Grégory Janiszewski


12:22 Redmine Help: RE: Best choice for upgrading old v1.2.1 to v3.0.0 ?
Thank you.
I'm trying porting database on new virtual machine and it seems to work !
The database migration sounds ...
Grégory Janiszewski


18:17 Redmine Help: Best choice for upgrading old v1.2.1 to v3.0.0 ?
Hi all,
We are using a bitnami virtual machine running Redmine v1.2.1.
We think it's time to upgrade ;-)
But a...
Grégory Janiszewski


10:45 Redmine Feature #5487: Allow subtasks to cross projects
This is very important for us too!
Grégory Janiszewski


10:07 Redmine Open discussion: Subtask and projects/subprojects
Just a simple question:
What is the reason that it's not possible to link a subtask to another project than the proj...
Grégory Janiszewski


09:31 Redmine Help: RE: Two Redmine on one database ? Private and public Redmine...
Yes I understand. It's exactly what I have in mind concerning database.
But what about "files" uploaded to redmine...
Grégory Janiszewski


19:33 Redmine Help: Two Redmine on one database ? Private and public Redmine...
Hello all,
I try to find a good way of opening our Redmine issue management to our customer.
But for security r...
Grégory Janiszewski


09:46 Redmine Feature #5975: Cross-project Parent Tasks
I have the same need.
I just want explain our development in our compagny:
We develop embedded system f...
Grégory Janiszewski


18:20 Redmine Help: RE: 503 Error after Bitnami upgrade to 1.0.1
It's OK, ticket close.
This is now corrected by :
Grégory Janiszewski

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