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Cross-project Parent Tasks

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In the following scenario:

   \        \_ task1 (task of project1)
    \__ project2 (subproject of project1)
             \_ task2 (task of project2)

If I try to set task1 as the parent task of task2, the system responds as "Parent task doesn't belong to the same project".

Is there any problem which should theoretically deny this setting?

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Currently, as part of issue #443, subtasks are implemented at project-level only; cross-project subtasks are not (yet) possible.

Changed the issue-attributes accordingly.

#2 Updated by Peter Pan almost 12 years ago

That would be a great feature and would make the use of subprojects more interesting

#3 Updated by Grégory Janiszewski almost 12 years ago


I have the same need.

I just want explain our development in our compagny:
We develop embedded system for moving machine (electronic, software, sensor, wiring...) containing CPU board, Display board...
We receive specification from our customer that can impact lot of different parts of the system (soft, hard, wiring...).

My idea is to use Redmine to manage all modifications linked to one specification:

  • Main project = Customer system
    • Subproject 1 : CPU software
    • Subproject 2 : Display software
    • Subproject 3 : Wiring diagram
    • Subproject 4 : PC tool soft
    • Subproject 4 : etc...

I need to create subproject because all software or drawing, have their own lifecycle, not necessary linked (a CPU update doesn't necessary affect display software version).

=> Subprojects are ok.

But now, I would like to use subtask feature to handle on specification and all necessary modifications in one place to check how this spec is going globally.

For eg:
Spec001 is add new feature that require:
  • addition of new sensor on the machine (wiring modification)
  • CPU software modification:
    • management of new sensor
    • dev of new function
  • Display modification to shown new values
  • etc...
In order to do that I would like to do:
  • Create Main task in main project
    • Create all necessary subtasks linked to main task in dedicated subproject
This allow me to directly check main tasks at "main project" level to see if everything goes well.
Also I can manage roadmap of all subprojects and always know for each specification what is the needed release of all subproject:
For eg:
To get "spec001" working on a machine, I need:
  • CPU soft version 1.2.3
  • Disp soft version 2.4.6
  • Wiring version 1.2.2
  • etc...

Subtask can also be linked to another "main project" shared between different "customer project" (this is done in case of multiples customer projects that reuse the same "component" (hard/soft...) )

I don't know if there is a solution for that right now!
What so you think about that?
If this feature can be added, Redmine will become the perfect tool for us !

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Actually, this issue is a duplicate of issue #5487. Closing this one as such. Please post any further comments to that issue.

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