not getting +Add News on News screen.

Added by Daudi Amani over 13 years ago

User's guide says: "If you have the permission to create new news items, you have a green plus sign (+ Add news) in the upper right of you screen."

I'm the admin, and I've made myself a member with all roles of the project I want to add news to.
This is a fresh install, latest version (Oct 19, 2010) running on both ubuntu 10.04 and Heroku (same issue on both). Everything else is working great; this is a fantastic application .. thanks so much!

Here is all of what appears in the #content div:

No data to display
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What am I missing as to how to enable additions to News? Everything else seems to be working fine.

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RE: not getting +Add News on News screen. - Added by Ryan Thrash over 13 years ago

Did you ever find out the cause of this. The add news button has disappeared on me too.

RE: not getting +Add News on News screen. - Added by Jan from Planio over 13 years ago

Not sure about your roles setup, but adding yourself with all roles is not sufficient in case none of the roles has the "manage news" permission. You can check that by going to administration -> roles and permission, then select a role and check the box.