"Path to .git directory" field is missing.

Added by Eric D over 9 years ago


I work daily with an older install of Redmine.(Redmine 0.9.4.stable (MySQL)) For another project, I installed a newer version. (Redmine 1.0.1.stable (PostgreSQL)).

In the older version, when I go to; Jump to Project --> Project --> Settings --> Repository, i see the choices for SCM and then under that, a field labeled "Path to .git directory".

However, in the newer version, that label and field are missing.




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RE: "Path to .git directory" field is missing. - Added by Lars Fischer over 9 years ago

Hello Eric,

same thing here. Redmine 1.1.0.

But this only happens if no repository is set until now. Existing projects show there set path in the read-only field.