Redmine Developers Wanted--small business

Added by Caitlin Morris over 13 years ago

Apologies for posting this in this forum. I don't know where else to post it.

We have a Redmine database that we want to expand drastically to include things such as inventory forms, quote forms, reports, barcoding, image management... and possibly much more.

My company has committed to using Redmine and RoR to the fullest extent possible and is ready to automate as much of our business as possible.

This is an opportunity for multiple coders on a per-task basis. If you do good work, and fast, more work will come your way first.

The code that is developed will enter into the public domain like any other plug-in so that people who are working with me can download and install those plug-ins as well and work with the same environment that I have at my office.

You will get paid for your work, but this isn't going to buy you a mansion. This is a small business that urgently needs to automate so that it can continue to run with very little overhead. Please price your bids accordingly.

If you are interested, please send an email to with your name, a bit about your experience with Redmine (including plugins you have written), and your hourly rate in US dollars, and your realistic availability. I will respond with my current configuration and a detailed description of the task(s) that I am looking to have bid out.

Payment will be through a paypal account; 25% when the bid is accepted, and the rest when the bid is complete, and the plug-in is installed and works as expected. I do not have patience for cost-over-runs, so please price your bid based on the work described.

I am excited to work with you!