bulk_edit is not working Redmine 1.1.2.stable

Added by Kim Eik over 9 years ago

bulk_edit is not working in Redmine 1.1.2.stable, is this a known issue?

it seems like the url path is wrong, for example if i right click on an issue and click edit, i am forwarded to the url /redmine/projects/<ProjectName>/139/edit

which gives me a "page not found" error

however if i go to the specific issue, and click update issue then in forwarded to the url /redmine/issues/139/edit

and also, none of the /redmine/projects/<ProjectName>/bulk_edit actions work, here i get a 404:


The page you were trying to access doesn't exist or has been removed.

Some actions do however work fine. But not bulk_edit and edit links.

Some help please..

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RE: bulk_edit is not working Redmine 1.1.2.stable - Added by Mirko Geissler over 9 years ago

We face the same issue. The link path is not created correctly compared to bulk_edit calls in the Redmine demo. The "/issues/" prefix is missing on our installation and therefore leads to redmines error page. The log says that he does not know the action "bulk_edit".

Any idea why redmine does not prepend the "/issues/" path correctly?