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Added by nick cuneo almost 9 years ago

We recently moved our redmine installation from one server to another (upgraded redmine along the way from 0.9.6 to 1.2.1). We have a user who exports several custom issue queries to CSV files, and on our old installation this report would sometimes take 30-40 seconds to export the file. On our new installation this same query is taking 2-3 minutes to export to a CSV file. We've been trying to track down what could cause the increase in time, but everything we've tried has come up empty handed. Has anyone seen this issue before? Is it possible upgrading has added a lot more overhead to the generating of csv files? Where does redmine generate these files (I assume it need to create a temporary file somewhere)?


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RE: Export to CSV - slowness - Added by nick cuneo almost 9 years ago

Further update on this with some more information.

We have a interesting setup for our redmine. We have our internal LAN (our network), but we wanted redmine accessible by clients in the outside world, so we moved the server behind our firewall to allow access from the internet.

When we had redmine in our internal LAN, exporting a CSV file with ~900 rows took about 30 seconds. After moving the server outside our firewall the export now takes ~2 minutes. This is the length of time even when we try to export the file locally on the machine. Now we block a lot of network related stuff when it's outside the firewall (for safety reasons) but I can't think of any reason why exporting a CSV file would want to access the network (if it's calling a third party service or something).

Does anyone have any ideas why this now takes over twice as long to perform the same action with the same data? Hardware remained the same, the only difference is where it lives in the network. We are using phusion passenger with apache, so I'm not sure if it's related to a setting with apache, or a DNS thing?

RE: Export to CSV - slowness - Added by nick cuneo almost 9 years ago

Here's my log of the operation:

Processing IssuesController#index to csv (for <ip> at 2011-11-10 15:30:30) [GET]
Parameters: {"format"=>"csv", "project_id"=>"proj", "action"=>"index", "query_id"=>"1365", "controller"=>"issues"}
Sending data export.csv
Completed in 122898ms (View: 1, DB: 6403) | 200 OK [https://redmine/projects/proj/issues.csv?query_id=1365]

RE: Export to CSV - slowness - Added by nick cuneo almost 9 years ago

forgot to add some information:
About your application's environment
Ruby version 1.8.7 (x86_64-linux)
RubyGems version 1.4.2
Rack version 1.1.1
Rails version 2.3.11
Active Record version 2.3.11
Active Resource version 2.3.11
Action Mailer version 2.3.11
Active Support version 2.3.11
Edge Rails revision unknown
Application root /opt/redmine-1.2.1
Environment production
Database adapter mysql
Database schema version 20110511000000

We're running on Linux - Red Hat 5.5, Phusion Passenger on Apache.