Subversion Integration

Added by Peter Roberts over 12 years ago

I have installed Redmine 1.2.2.stable.7912.
I am now trying to integrate with Subversion.

I already have Subversion up and running.

If I simply add the repository location, SVN user and password to Redmine's Project Setting Repository tab & then when I click the Repositories tab I get a 404 "The entry or revision was not found in the repository".

The guide
[[]] has me adding various statements in my existing <location> (which is in dav_svn.conf).
The lines:
PerlAccessHandler Apache::Authn::Redmine::access_handler
PerlAuthenHandler Apache::Authn::Redmine::authen_handler
stops all access to SVN, even from my browser and Tortoise.
EDIT: With a 403 Forbidden.

Any help or background would be gratefully received!

EDIT: The problem is that authetication is not working properly. I have created redmine users etc but no joy.
Working my way through but find it hard to believe that this would be the problem.

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RE: Subversion Integration - Added by Mischa The Evil over 12 years ago

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the "advanced subversion integration" and can't help you with this.

Edit: it might be useful to mention you've setup Redmine according to HowToInstallRedmineOnUbuntuServer ;)

RE: Subversion Integration - Added by Peter Roberts over 12 years ago

Thanks for the reply though.
My ALM server is using Ubuntu Server.
Don't think it makes much difference, just don't have a GUI.

Fairly sure that the problem is an Apache cfg problem. I know that I have the Redmine database details correct within Apache, if I don't then moans.
So I am assuming that this is probably related to having SVN settings in dav_svn.conf rather than in a virtual host. The guide uses a VH, my original SVN guide used dav_svn.conf & VH combo.

RE: Subversion Integration - Added by Peter Roberts over 12 years ago

I have simplified the setup, see files. The authentication challenge is being made but keeps failing.
I cannot see why though, I have used the lines from the examples, supplied the correct passwords.
Has anyone used
May have to try LDAP instead.

redmine (655 Bytes) redmine Basic redmine site which includes
svn.conf (674 Bytes) svn.conf a very simple svn location

RE: Subversion Integration - Added by Daniel Camargo about 12 years ago

Are you trying to access the project svn folder?

If your project is called testproject you should add you user to the project and try


RE: Subversion Integration - Added by Peter Roberts about 12 years ago

Thanks. I figured it out. Gotta have an user registered with the project. Admin by default was not good enough......