Converting entire site from Textile to Markdown

Added by Jean-Claude Wippler over 6 years ago

Now that #15520 has been implemented and Redmine has native support for Markdown (which works splendidly, BTW), I'd like to consider migrating an existing site with several fairly substantial projects from Textile to Markdown.

My thinking is that Pandoc could do the job: run through all the relevant fields in all the relevant tables, extract the text, push it through Pandoc, and put the result back. It may not be perfect, but if it gets 95% of the job automated, I'd be a happy puppy.

Rinse and repeat for wiki pages, issues, forum posts, and comments, in all the projects.

Maybe the wiki history will need to be jettisoned, but I'd be ok with that.

My questions at this point are:

  • is this summary about right as to what's involved in doing this?
  • any hurdles, challenges, or gotcha's to keep in mind?

If it all works out, I'll do my best to implement this in such a way that others can also benefit, when contemplating a similar full-site conversion.

I don't know enough Ruby right now, so not sure yet which tools could be used. Am willing to spend the time it takes, but I'd like to first understand what I'm up against. Sooo... any tips, guidance, pointers to work which others may have already done, plans by the Redmine developers even, which could ease the task?


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RE: Converting entire site from Textile to Markdown - Added by Dim Ko about 5 years ago


Have you got any success in implementing this?

RE: Converting entire site from Textile to Markdown - Added by Adrien Crivelli almost 4 years ago

Hey you might be interested in a rake task to migrate all content to markdown: