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Added by namita nair over 13 years ago

According to the description - Schedules is a plugin to manage users and assigned projects over time.
I am unable to understand the plugin importance.
I feel the plugin can only be used for planning the projects and having a rough estimate of hours that we plan to spend on a project or expect a member to spend in a project.
It does not show the over time spend by a user or on a project...........
Can any one put some light on the plugin....

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RE: Schedule Plugin - Added by Brad Beattie over 13 years ago

Hrm. I created the plugin to address a common issue at work. We found that with multiple projects, developers and managers, it was difficult to say who was allocated to what and for how long. The Schedules plugin provides the functionality necessary to address that concern. Clearly, there's room for improvement (some form of reporting functionality that shows, for example, hours spent on a specific project by a specific user), but that'll come in time.

Consider the following scenario. You have a developer on two projects. For some reason, this developer has 12 hours of work scheduled (in estimated ticket time total) on their plate for the day. How do they choose which issues to work on? One answer is to say "by issue priority and due date", but that neglects the complication of paying clients. What if both projects paid for half a day's work? Without the Schedules plugin, there's no way to represent that information in the system.

Does that make sense or did I just word-vomit all over this thread?

RE: Schedule Plugin - Added by Rachel Me about 13 years ago

Hi Brad

This makes perfect sense, it is the schedules job to book developers time, not to log the time they have spent.

Is there a widgit that can go on the users home page to show them their schedule?



RE: Schedule Plugin - Added by Brad Beattie about 13 years ago

Yes, although I believe this requires running off the trunk. I don't think the stable releases (0.8.x) allow plugins to add blocks to the My Page portal.

RE: Schedule Plugin - Added by Rachel Me about 13 years ago

Curiously when I checked out trunk, it reports it self as 0.8.0 so instead I checked out the tagged 0.8.3

Is trunk actually more bleeding edge, just with an incorrect version number?

RE: Schedule Plugin - Added by Ivo Jimenez over 12 years ago

Hi Brad

Is there a way to let the Manager know, as he is assigning an issue to a person, that the time available for his/her developer for that day has been met or even overflowed? To make myself clear let me put the following scenario.

Person A is working on 4 projects and has 8 hours available in a day. There are 3 issues assigned to him/her already, comprising 7 hours of work. If the manager wants to assign another task of, let's say, 3 hours the manager should be notified that his over-assigning time for that day for the given developer

I think it would be very cool for the plug-in to check this, or maybe it can do it already but I'm missing something.

Thanks a lot

RE: Schedule Plugin - Added by Anonymous over 12 years ago


I have a problem installing this plugin on redmine Bitnami Appliance.

How to install this plugin ?. I follow the instructions for installing, but don't work.

I Installed The Redmine Bitnami Appliance on Windows XP.