MySQL Database size

Added by Rupesh Helwade over 8 years ago

I have been reading from net that the performance of MySQL does not depend on the size of the db files in /usr/local/mysql/var/redmine nor does it depend on the number of records (? - experts plz re-confirm if you think otherwise)

My question is :

As the issue numbers keep increasing and the IDs themselves become too much lengthy,
The journal_details table keeps increasing with huge number of rows
Is there any best practice to manage things ?

Does it in any way affect Application / query performance ?
I have 2.3.1 Redmine installed on Solaris 10 server with good amount of RAM (approx: 10GB) / HD memory approx 1T

The growth in Attachments is approx 500MB per month and 150 issues per day with 4-5 updates /notes additions in each issue.

Thanks for any input / feedback.


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RE: MySQL Database size - Added by Martin Denizet ( team member) over 8 years ago

Hello Rupesh,

That's a very interesting topic and I hope you will keep us posted on your findings.
Maybe this could help you leverage your RAM if you didn't do it already: