Webrick to apache migration

Added by arindam das over 7 years ago

Hi All,

Currently i am using redmine-2.3.4 which is running on Webrick server, as the load has increased in production redmine seems to become very slow intermittently.
So i am thinking of moving web server from Webrick to Apache.
I've few questions, kindly help me with it:
1) Is it necessary to install passenger for apache ?
2) Why do we need mod_fcgid and mod_fastcgi ?
2) Complete installation steps ,dependencies and modules to install for running Redmine Apache server to get better performance

Thanks & Regards

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RE: Webrick to apache migration - Added by Koushik Chatterjee over 6 years ago

yes i also need this.

RE: Webrick to apache migration - Added by Juan Diego Iannelli over 6 years ago

If you can migrate to redmine 3.4.2 (it should be easy) you could try my proyect.
It uses redmine 3.4.2 on Centos7 with the webserver puma (and apache as a reverse proxy).