Where to set the host name?

Added by Mrten - almost 6 years ago

I am trying to set the host name of Redmine, but it keeps defaulting to 'localhost:3000'. The host name is set in the administration panel (General > Host name and path), yet when clicking save it sends me to http://localhost:3000/settings. I checked the database table 'settings' and the host name is set, but it still won't work. I am using Docker with the Redmine image, if that's relevant.

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RE: Where to set the host name? - Added by Mark Wintch almost 6 years ago

I set the hostname under Settings then the General tab logged in as administrator. I am hosting through a F5 and IIS, I have to have the hostname configured in there as well. When running on webrick for testing I still use localhost:3000 though even though I have it configured different within Redmine itself.

I know this isn't a clear answer, but hope that it helps.