Send Test Email fails #2

Added by Rob Hill about 3 years ago

Haven't got an answer in 25 days, so let's try this again…

On clicking "Send a test email" in the Administration Email notifications tab, I get an error:

    An error occurred while sending mail (undefined method `error' for true:TrueClass)

Found this in the log:

NoMethodError (undefined method `error' for true:TrueClass):
app/models/mailer.rb:497:in `initialize'
config/initializers/10-patches.rb:163:in `deliver'
app/models/mailer.rb:64:in `block in deliver_issue_add'
app/models/issue.rb:1060:in `each_notification'
app/models/mailer.rb:63:in `deliver_issue_add'
app/models/issue.rb:1847:in `send_notification'
app/models/issue.rb:212:in `create_or_update'
app/controllers/issues_controller.rb:129:in `create'
lib/redmine/sudo_mode.rb:63:in `sudo_mode'

My configuration.yml setup is:

    delivery_method: :sendmail

CentOS 7
Sendmail is installed and tested.

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RE: Send Test Email fails #2 - Added by Deoren Moor about 3 years ago

This works well in our environment:

# default configuration options for all environments

  # Outgoing emails configuration

  # See the examples below and the Rails guide for more configuration options:
    delivery_method: :async_smtp
      port: 25

Each of our Redmine instances runs a local Postfix installation that is configured to send to a central relay for processing and final delivery.

RE: Send Test Email fails #2 - Added by RedChris B. about 3 years ago

My configuration.yml contains:

 delivery_method:  :smpt
  address: myIP_address
  port: 25
  authentication: :none
  openssl_verify_mode: 'none'

If it doesn't help, pls log in to OS system and run "telnet yourIP_address 25" , then run "EHLO yourIP" - it should show greetings. Good luck.

RE: Send Test Email fails #2 - Added by Tatsuya Saito about 3 years ago

RedChris B. wrote:

delivery_method: :smpt

Please check typo and see again config/configuration.yml.example .

RE: Send Test Email fails #2 - Added by Rob Hill almost 3 years ago

Tried both these variations (typo corrected), and still no joy.