Intensity_ratio_nuclei _cytoplasm plugin

Added by Spandan Kalra about 2 years ago

I am working on an experiment to optimise transfection conditions. I use GFP plasmid (green) and counterstain nuclei with DAPI (blue). My aim is to estimate the GFP intensity and calculate the percentage of cells that are GFP positive.

I found the Macro published recently on MRI Redmine.
This macro has been really helpful in estimating the intensity of signal in Nuclei and cytoplasm.
I was wondering if you could advice me on the following-
1. Considering that one of the output that the Macro produces is total nuclei area, if it possible to estimate total number of nuclei (stained with DAPI/Hoescht) or nuclear area per cell.
2. Is it possible to estimate the number of nuclei whose cytoplasm is GFP positive?
what I am trying to achieve is- estimating the percentage of cells that are GFP positive.

Thank you

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RE: Intensity_ratio_nuclei _cytoplasm plugin - Added by Mischa The Evil about 2 years ago

While it does seem related to Redmine, it is not something the community can answer as this macro is not part of the Remdine core nor is it available to the wider Redmine community.
Please contact the author of the macro.