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Added by grace ali about 2 years ago

I have deployed bitnami redmine windows verison and all system are up ,now we need more personalized settings, can you help on below reqeust:

1--remove "register" tag from redmine .
2--change "help" link
1--on the web site, there is "register" after "login",how to delete this menu?
2--I would like to change the guide of Redmine address to my help document?

By the way, where is the html text follow as this:

class="help" href=""

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RE: change the top menu - Added by Davide Giacometti about 2 years ago

Hi Grace

As admin you can disable self-registration:
In order to alter the top menu you need to change the Redmine source code or develop a simple plugin to do this:


RE: Davide - Added by grace ali almost 2 years ago

Dear Davide,
Thanks for providing the answer links. And I still do not know how to change the menu of help into my guide web, but I delete the help menu successfully in redmine.rb.
Just making a memo as follow:
#menu.push :help, Redmine:: Info.help_url, :last => true
Maybe I can know how to change soon.

Best regards


Dear Davide,
According your context from URL,I've got it!
1--remove "register" tag from redmine .
2--change "help" link

1、You can delete any menu in redmine.rb.
2、I found the url in info.rb, so changed '' into my address.