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Added by Maciej Sobczyk over 2 years ago

I'm very new in Redmine. Just joined a team which has already improved it a lot from a basic version and still have some features ideas. I would appreciate if someone could point me to right place to get some tutorials about creating plugins/modules.

First thing i would like to achieve is a small view on a dashboard, that takes all percentages from users issues, and calculate average for every user in some sprint (version of 2 weeks).
I.e. some user has 10 issues, 5 done to 90%, and 5 on 0%, average is 45% - this is all i want to show next to the user's name.

Another plugin is a little bit more complicated, but we want to make a list of prefixes on dashboard (i guess it should be stored as a custom field somewhere) and pressing that prefix should take you to page issue/new with some parameters for example issues/new?issue[subject]=[Configuration]&issue[status_id]=5&issue[assigned_to_id]=21, so as you can see i just want to provide all informations that user would anyway provide like status 'In progress', user ids (the one who clicks on prefix), and adds prefix to title of issue, so that person won't forget that.

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RE: Creating module / plugin - Added by Bernhard Rohloff over 2 years ago


you can finde some information and a start tutorial in the wiki under Developer_Guide.
There's also a great book about plugin development written by Alex Bevilacqua and published by Packt