Hosting a Plugin somewhere else

Added by Wolfgang Thaler almost 2 years ago

Dear community,

maybe someone could help me out with the following issue:
We have redmine running on an AWS Instance and its working pretty good. Now my boss had the idea to install a plugin which is not very well programmed, but he wants it anyway. This plugin has a small memory leak and so after a few weeks the AWS instance runs out of memory and blocks itself.
Would it be possible to host just this one plugin on an other instance and if so, how can I do that without destroying our whole setup?

Thank you

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RE: Hosting a Plugin somewhere else - Added by Bernhard Rohloff almost 2 years ago

Huge disclaimer: I'm not a professional ruby/rails developer so my answer might be wrong in some parts.

As I understand ruby and the plugin mechanism of Redmine correctly, the whole code gets loaded into RAM at start and runs as a whole in a single thread. In addition to that there could be some portions in the plugin which override existing Redmine methods. So with this knowledge I'm having a hard time imagine how to separate the plugin code from the core application. Fixing the memory leak is IMHO the easiest and proper way. With more memory you just get more time and no solution.

Is it a public plugin or something home brew of your company?