Email Postfix not working

Added by Maxime it about 2 years ago


I've tried to configure "Receiving emails" tools but it doesnt work

First i've enabled "Enable WS for incoming emails"

Then transfer rdm-mailhandler.rb to my postfix and added the following aliase

redmine-email: "|/usr/bin/ruby /etc/postfix/rdm-mailhandler.rb --url http://redmine.*.* --key * --no-check-certificate --no-permission-check"

my understanding is if i someone send a email to redmine-email@"mydomain" postfix will execut rdm-mailhandler.rb and create/update the issue ?

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RE: Email Postfix not working - Added by Janeks Kamerovskis about 1 year ago

Your understanding is correct.
First you need to be sure does you have enough and right info in your aliases config.
And do not forget to restart postfix or reload aliases with "newaliases".

This worked for me on my v3.x Redmine:

support: "|/my/redmine/path/extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb --url https://my.domain --key mykey --project myproject --unknown-user create --no-permission-check --no-account-notice"

Now I have otherwise succesfuly upgraded to Redmine v4.2.x, except I am stuck at this incoming email problem.
Postfix says, that it is nicely passed to Redmine, but there is no any info further in redmine - neither new issue, neither any log info.

So my question is - what should be the right way to rise more detailed debug/loging level for rdm-mailhandler.rb ?