help on Redmine install : PB with bundle install (Solved)

Added by Tom AOK 3 months ago

Hello world,

I'm very new to this software that i would like to try first and then use...
I'm using :
- redmine 4.1.1
- ruby 2.6

so i'm just at the install step where i've to do a :
bundle install --without development test

but here there is a problem with :
Fetching websocket-driver 0.7.3
Installing websocket-driver 0.7.3 with native extensions
Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR:* Failed to build gem native extension.*

Log says :
current directory: C:/Program Files/Ruby26-x64/lib/ruby/gems/2.6.0/gems/websocket-driver-0.7.3/ext/websocket-driver
make "DESTDIR=" clean
Makefile:269: *** motifs de cible multiples. Arrêt.

So i don't know how to solve this kind of trouble, any help will be greatly appreciated !

Thank you


gem_make.out (676 Bytes)

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RE: help on Redmine install : PB with bundle install - Added by Liane Hampe 3 months ago

Hi Tom,

I don't have a guaranteed solution but I can give you a little bit more context to your problem.

Ruby gems may have native extensions which are a wrapper of a library written in C. That is, building these gems having such native extensions need a classical compiler for C and a linking tool such that make. Make uses a Makefile which defines how to create a single executable file of previously compiled code.

What you experienced is a linking error. The error messages is: "multiple target patterns. Stop." in english. A target is a filename. The target pattern is a filename pattern.

Here is a helpful statement w.r.t. typical linking errors:

Linking errors usually have to do with missing or multiple definitions. If you get an error that a function or variable is defined multiple times from the linker, that's a good indication that the error is that two of your source code files have the same function or variable. Source:

Therefore, it seems likely that you have a conflict due to similar or doubled resouces in the realm of make.

You can try

make "DESTDIR=" clean

in order to remove intermediate files. If it does not work and you get similar error messages as here:, then try what is explained there (installing Devkit).

Please, let me know what finally solved your problem to document it for other users.

Best Regards,

RE: help on Redmine install : PB with bundle install - Added by Tom AOK 3 months ago

Thank you for your quick reply ! ;)

I 've done some progress and almost every things is okey for ruby and gems but i've a problem with RMagick gems so i go without it to try redmine.
Perhaps i'll do another post to solve this trouble.

I've another problem with db migration , but i'll doo another post for that !

So to solve my problem :

First i 've read some thread :
- some says that it could be because i've a space on my path to ruby !
- another one says i should use railsinstaller =>

I chose this last :

i run the command to install gems without Rmagick since it doesn't work here !
C:\redmine\redmine-4.0.7>bundle install --without development test rmagick

and i can check every gems install by running
gem server
and watching the webpage : http://localhost:8808/

i see there that some gems like rails are not with the same version that the on i get in the Gemfile of redmine but it is ok to do a test i hope !

RE: help on Redmine install : PB with bundle install ( Solved ) - Added by Liane Hampe 3 months ago

Thank you, Tom! As linux user I didn't know of They also use the Devkit I refered to. Good to know for other Windows or Mac OSX user.

But be aware that they use Ruby 2.3 and the support of this version has ended 1,5 years ago (see Moreover, Redmine 4.0.7 is not tested with Rails 5.1 what is used by too. So if you experience some problems during runtime it may have to do with the unsupported versions of Ruby and Rails. Nevertheless, let us know, if so.

Installing RMagick (MiniMagick with the current Redmine version) may also be a problem from time to time on linux. You can read on what features will be absent.

When you still have problems with db migration, we will try to help you as best as we can! :)

Best Regards,

RE: help on Redmine install : PB with bundle install ( Solved ) - Added by Tom AOK 3 months ago

Hello Liane,

I'm a Linux user too ;) but i 've to install Redmine on a windows 10 machine.

thank you for ur informations about the end of the support for ruby 2.3.
This means i should reinstall ruby with a more recent version, i 'll try it later i think !

For db Migration it is ok now it was just a little config problem ( i forgot to write the right password in the config file ;) )

For now my problem is to install Rmagick gem.
but i think it will be ok!

thank you,