Upgrading redmine from 2.3.1?

Added by Brandon Winstead about 1 month ago

I've inherited a server running Redmine 2.3.1 on Ubuntu 12.04. What should I do to update these to the latest version?

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RE: Upgrading redmine from 2.3.1? - Added by Bernhard Rohloff about 1 month ago

My list of steps would look like this:

  1. Create a backup of the database and attachments
  2. Check if there are any plugins installed and if yes, check if they're compatible with the new Redmine version?
  3. Spin up a new Server with an actively maintained OS (of choice).
  4. Install a recent version of Redmine as described here.
  5. Test if Redmine is running and accessible.
  6. Move the existing configuration to the new instance.
  7. Point it to the existing 2.3.1 Redmine database.
  8. Run the database migration as shown in step 6 and step over step 7.
  9. Copy over your files.
  10. Test if Redmine runs without any errors.
  11. Install new versions of existing plugins.
  12. Configure existing cron jobs on the new server.