How to migrate redmine

Added by Pablo Cottens 4 months ago


I have a problem that, maybe some of you have already faced.

I started testing redmine on a PC with some work colleagues and then had to change PCs. I don't want to lose all the work we've put on redmine, so I need some way to migrate all the data from one installation to the other.

Both installations are on windows 10 PCs. As I said this is a test, and we are doing all the workflows to prove to our boss and the rest of the team that this is a good tool and we need desperately (there's a severe lack of organization there at the moment).

The previous installation uses MySQL and the new one uses PostgreSQL. I have already put some issues on the new installation but I don't mind losing all of them if it means that we get the old issues on the new installation

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RE: How to migrate redmine - Added by Adrián Pradilla Pórtoles 3 months ago


You only have to migrate the database, if the version you have on both computers is the same.

To migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL you can do it with

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