Installing on Company Website - Wix :-(

Added by Pablo Derby about 1 year ago

Hello all,

My first post here. I've searched but can't seem to find what I'm looking for, so here goes....

I am an experience user of Redmine, but virtually no experience of setting up Redmine on a server (other than on a localhost). We have a company website hosted by Wix. We want to use a subdomain to host a Redmine install on the server space we already pay for but I'm not convinced that this is possible.

If our website is ideally we'd like to use as the address. I understand that I could get some AWS space and direct the URL to that, but that's an additional cost (obviously not very much, but still a cost).

Does anyone have experience of where to start with this? Other threads don't seem to cover when a site exists on a managed service like Wix.

Many thanks in advance.

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RE: Installing on Company Website - Wix :-( - Added by Bernhard Rohloff about 1 year ago

Hi Pablo,

first of all, welcome to the Redmine Community.
If your can host your Redmine under a subdomain depends heavily on if you have access to your domain settings and can point it to your Redmine installation.
So if you can install and run Redmine on your existing server space (needs ruby support) and if you are able to point your subdomain e.g. to this server, there shouldn't be any problems.

These would be my next steps:

  1. Make sure you can create a subdomain and point it to another website
  2. Try to install and reach Redmine on the server you mentioned by IP address
  3. Point the domain to your Redmine installation and configure Redmine to work with the domain.

Kind regards,