Encoding rules to import issues

Added by zumo de vidrio over 1 year ago

I would like to know the rules to respect for importing issues in redmine.

Specially for the description field it seems to be using HTML (i.e. for CR we need to insert <br>)

However, for CSV imports:

- All the HTML entities (<...) end by ";"
- All the reserved characters (<, >) have an effect over the text (for example, "<" ends the text since it is the beginning of a mark, so the following content won't be shown)
- On interactive mode the description field won't interpret the HTML entities.

So, which are the rules for the proper encoding ?

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RE: Encoding rules to import issues - Added by Lorenzo Meneghetti over 1 year ago

Hi, this should not happen.
This is taken from csv example in https://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/HowTo_import_issues.

"Description","Tracker","Status","Priority","Subject","Author","Assignee","Category","Target version","Start date","Due date","Estimated time","Related issues","Private" 
"long description with
more than one line
... many lines","Task","NEW","Normal","Testing import of an issue","Some Author","Some assignee",,"some_version","2017-02-01","2017-02-10","16.00",,"No" 

I just added a multiline column and the import result is correct (redmine 3.4.13)!
Try to see if you have something wrong in the encoding...