How to make alerts in Redmine?

Added by Vladislav Guziev about 1 year ago

Hello everyone. I’ve been using Redmine relatively recently, could you tell me how to make notifications about deadlines come to the mail, and also so that when I go to the task page using the link from the letter, the status of the task changes?
I tried to find questions similar to mine, but everything dates back more than 6-10 years ago.
Maybe there are some plugins for this?

Thank you.

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RE: How to make alerts in Redmine? - Added by Holger Just about 1 year ago

Redmine ships with a rake task to regularly send reminder mails to users with their due issues. See RedmineReminderEmails about how to set this up.

As for automatically updating an issue on visiting it, this is unfortunately not supported out of the box. You might be able to find or develop a custom plugin for that though if required.

RE: How to make alerts in Redmine? - Added by Luis Blasco 12 months ago

Hi, maybe you want to have a look at this post of mine: There are some hints about Redmine alerts.