Issue Migration Bitnami Redmine to Redmine(not bitnami)

Added by Marco Verdi 3 months ago

Hello everyone,
i am currently migrating my current version of Bitnami Redmine from a windows server to an ubuntu server.
I installed Redmine on Ubuntu following the guide on Redmine and everything was fine till i restored my old database from the old server.
I used mysqldump on windows to make a backup and restored it to the new database.
I modified the configuration file "database.yml"inside the new redmine installation directory, but as you can see on the screenshots only the main page is working.I can also log in with my old account.
If i click somewhere else like on a project i get an internal error.

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RE: Issue Migration Bitnami Redmine to Redmine(not bitnami) - Added by Holger Just 3 months ago

Some point to verify come to mind:

  • Make sure that your new Redmine version is the same version (or newer) than your old Bitnami Redmine version.
  • Make sure to run the database migrations after you imported the database. See RedmineUpgrade - in general, you likely want to follow this guide.
  • If you had installed custom plugins in your Bitnami redmine, you likely have to install them on your new Redmine too. Make sure to use compatible versions and apply the upgrade instructions of the plugins.

If you still experience the errors, please have a look into the log/production.log file within your Redmine directory. It should include a specific error and a stacktrace leading to it. This might help people familiar with Redmine's source code to spot the underlying cause of the issue.