[upgrade] Moving db from v4 to v5 without plugins

Added by aeMaeTH MaeTH 7 months ago

Hi guys,

Recently I've installed v5.1.0 and now I would like to move all my db and files from v4.0.7 that we're running now.
Problem is I've been experimenting with my v4 and installed/uninstalled many plugins, and now I've got installed:
- Common Libraries (,
- Custom Menu (,
- Lightbox 2,
- Usability (

Is there a way to migrate db (projects, issues, custom fields, users, files, etc.) without copying fields created by plugins? I would really like to start fresh with my db and files.
Was thinking about uninstalling those plugins before migrating to v5 but I'm afraid I'll break my current v4 and it won't work in v5.

Would really appreciate any tips and help.

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RE: [upgrade] Moving db from v4 to v5 without plugins - Added by Lorenzo Meneghetti 6 months ago

If you have previously installed and uninstalled Redmine 4.0.x correctly there should be no problem.
If you are no longer interested in any plugin it's quite simple.

1. plugin uninstall (with loss of data relating to the plugins obviously) as per the instructions of the plugin manufacturer on the old instance
2. preparing the new test environment with redmine5 running and verified
3. import the old DB into the new redmine5 instance
4. run the DB migrations on the new redmine5 instance
5. if point 1 and 4 ends successfully, you're done (now you can move the test environment to be your new production environment or proceed with the setup of a new production environment, now you are confident that the migration is successfull)

If there are problems at point 1 or point 4 it is not difficult to fix them manually with a double check between the scheme_migrations table and the manual actions on the DB (you must now how migrations are stored in DB).
The important thing is to always ensure backup copies and carry out all tests in a separate environment.