WebRick hang/not working after a day

Added by Pakcik Kantin over 14 years ago

Dear all redminers,
My webrick always denied service after a day, therefore i have to kill the process and start it back.
What cause this problem and how do i fix it, thank you.
I'm newb in Ruby

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RE: WebRick hang/not working after a day - Added by Giombattista Denaro over 14 years ago

Hi everybody!
We have the same problem! We use Redmine during the day without any problem, but every morning the web service does not respond and we have to kill it and restart it again (stopping with CTRL+C does not work, hangs with "INFO going to shutdown ...")
Our environment is:

Linux CentOS 5.2

*** LOCAL GEMS ***
actionmailer (2.1.2)
actionpack (2.1.2)
activerecord (2.1.2)
activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter (1.2.1)
activeresource (2.1.2)
activesupport (2.1.2)
fcgi (0.8.7)
rack (1.0.0)
rake (0.8.7)
rmagick (2.11.0)
ruby-oci8 (1.0.6)
rubyforge (1.0.4)

$ ruby script/about
About your application's environment
Ruby version              1.8.5 (i386-linux)
RubyGems version          1.3.1
Rails version             2.1.2
Active Record version     2.1.2
Action Pack version       2.1.2
Active Resource version   2.1.2
Action Mailer version     2.1.2
Active Support version    2.1.2
Edge Rails revision       unknown
Application root          /opt/redmine-0.8.2
Environment               development
Database adapter          mysql

Any help/suggestion should be appreciated.

RE: WebRick hang/not working after a day - Added by Felix Kokocinski over 14 years ago

I see this as well on my dev server, (you can only kill it with CTRL+C if there are no active requests) but I think this is a known issue with Webbrick. For production environments I would use a different server infrastructure.

Best, Felix.