Query on issues related to a repository revision and newer

Added by gabriel scolan over 14 years ago

Hello everyone,

I'd like to be able to query my Redmine Database to list all issues that have been open on a repository revision, and eventually on all later revision than the one identified. In the same philosophie, I'd like to be able to query the same way a specific directory/file in the repository.

This could help to list all related issues associated to a version / file / directory.

I thought of added a custom field where a list (comma separated values) of revisions (and any link to an element in the repository) where the issue has been attested. But I not sure to be able to construct a query that will retrieve what I expect. If someone as an idea, please let me know ..

To go deeper, it could be also interesting to link this feature to the already existing link between commit messages in the repository and the issues logged in Redmine db : this could then help to identify when the issue has pop-up and then been closed.

what do you think of such a feature ? (at least on the first part, query for related issues on a specific object wihtin the repository)


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RE: Query on issues related to a repository revision and newer - Added by Kurt Hilsmeier over 14 years ago

I am also very interested in having issues reference revisions. GForge does something similar to this (see screenshot), but I don't think you can search on those revision numbers. I was contemplating the same thing you suggested...having SVN inject revision numbers into an issue's custom field. Seems kludgy though, considering a user might come along later and manually damage the field value.


gforge.png - gforge screenshot of revision listings from an issue (51.6 KB)